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With origins dating back 500 years, this card game is soaked in history, becoming one of the most top-played casino games in the world. Baccarat has evolved and transformed as the realm of casino games progressed, so while the foundation of the game remains the same, baccarat sports some all-new features, rules and mechanics that are completely out of the ordinary.

The great thing about playing baccarat is that, in its essence, it’s a simple game to play, but online game developers have mixed in a few modern solutions that have truly taken this table game to the next level.

If you’re wondering what these solutions might be and how much they have affected traditional baccarat gameplay, we have just the thing that’ll keep you up-to-date with all the latest baccarat happenings — our blog!

Enjoy some baccarat 101 as you put your baccarat adventure into motion.

Tips and tricks aren’t the only things you can expect at our blog, so join us as we dive in and tell you all about how we can help you get one foot in the gaming door.


So, what makes our blog worth checking out? A few things, actually.

Playing baccarat online is pretty similar to betting at land-based casinos, though the differences are pretty stark. In general, online games have experienced drastic gameplay changes, including featuring all-new rules, additional bonus bets, mini-games and avant-garde mechanics that leave you eagerly waiting for what’s going to happen next.

To put it simply, the similarities between baccarat then and baccarat now are few and far between — but that’s why our blog will make such an excellent tool to add to your kit.

The rules of baccarat are not super complicated, but players who are used to the traditional gameplay may find difficulty adjusting.

So, our blog will provide an in-depth guide on everything they need to know. We’ll also help players who have never dabbled in baccarat before finding their way around the table.

Of course, you’ll always have the option to simply begin betting without a guide at all and go from there, but putting our tips and tricks into practice may boost your chances of winning. Here’s how we help guide gamblers:

  • We’ll break down and explain the rules and real-money bets of baccarat — the player hand, the bank hand and the tie.
  • We’ll teach you all about baccarat payout odds and how to find a game with the best odds and the best house edge to potentially win.
  • We’ll help you analyse the house edge of different baccarat tables.
  • We’ll help you form a betting strategy and teach you how a betting strategy may boost your winnings.
  • We’ll help you safeguard your bankroll using different betting systems.
  • You’ll become familiar with all the terms and phrases.
  • You’ll learn how and when to place a banker bet, tie bet or player bet.
  • We’ll give you fresh updates on the latest news and game releases.
  • We’ll teach you how to proceed after receiving your first two cards.
  • You’ll learn when to draw an additional card after all cards have been dealt.
  • We’ll run through the value of each number and face card.
  • We’ll help you understand how all baccarat hands payout.
  • You’ll learn what it means to stand after receiving your third card.

To say that our casino blog is resourceful is a massive understatement.

We make sure that our guide is brimming with the most useful tips and tricks for players of all levels while also keeping things fun and funky fresh! Although winning is never guaranteed, you never know when a win might present itself, so we’ll help you be ready!


With variants like Lightning Baccarat, Dragon Tiger and Peek Baccarat Live available at casino sites, you’re definitely in for a gaming experience that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. At our blog, we’ll break down every single element that goes into playing this game, so you won’t have to worry about going in blind. No matter your skill level, there will always be something new to learn.

The industry is flooded with casino sites to choose from, but we’ll help you dive into all the nitty-gritty details and leave no stone unturned. So, once you go to play our online and live baccarat tables, you’d be decked out in knowledge!


On top of teaching you how to place your wagers, when to wager and how to become the best player you can be, we make sure to give you the most useful articles wrapped together with intriguing tidbits and witty commentary. You’ll be entertained from start to finish — what more could you want in a casino blog?


Before you scour the internet for the best online casino to kick off your baccarat journey, let us give you a bit of insight into the ace HotSlots experience.

Aside from epic baccarat games, our Live Casino is packed with some of the best live tables in the biz. Spin it up with live roulette, double down with live blackjack, practice your poker face with live poker, or roll up to a one-of-a-kind experience with live craps.

Watch the croupier deal one card after the next and enjoy awesome bonuses and futuristic mechanics as you chat with the live dealer as well as other players!

Of course, if you want to take a break from traditional casino games, you can always hit up our slots for a different experience entirely — and you’d get to play them for free in the demo mode!

The iGaming world is packed with a number of online casinos, but HotSlots is one of the best there is. We’ll also help players who have never dabbled in baccarat before finding their way around the table as they learn that this game isn’t just all about luck.

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