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      We weren't sure whether the modern-day gaming industry really needed another traditional European roulette table, but after Ezugi presented its new iteration of roulette, we couldn't really complain.

      EZ Dealer Roulette was released in 2022 by Ezugi — a game developer who is certainly no stranger to the live gaming industry. What makes this game an anomaly of sorts is that it doesn't feature a live dealer, unlike most of the games released by this company. In this post, we'll have a look at what you should be aware of when playing this game, including its features, its payouts and other important aspects.

      Game features

      EZ Dealer Roulette is an RNG-based game that represents the perfect choice for anyone interested in playing the most traditional European roulette possible. Expecting a production that will shake the market of roulette games is not the expectation we'd impose on this Ezugi production.

      Although not a bland game by any measure, EZ Dealer Roulette represents the traditional game in the most classic sense possible. The well-crafted visuals, along with the flawless gameplay, are two boxes that have been ticked. Placing your bets is also extremely easy to do, as you'll see in the section below.

      With an RTP (Return to Player) of 97.30%, EZ Dealer Roulette stands a good chance of not being as much of a money grab as American roulette tables tend to be, although we still advise you to be cautious with your bets and play responsibly. The minimum wager is €0.10, while the maximum wager is €1,000, allowing for both high rollers and penny-counting players.

      How to play EZ Dealer Roulette

      If you've ever played roulette at online casinos before, you won't find it too hard to play EZ Dealer Roulette. In any case, here's a breakdown of how the game is played.

      EZ Dealer Roulette rules

      As we've mentioned earlier, EZ Dealer Roulette is nothing if not a traditional European roulette game. This is quite a good thing when it comes to the rules, since there's not much to learn. With 37 numbers on the wheel (the single zero and numbers from 1 through 36), all you have to do is predict the future; that is, which number will the roulette ball land on.

      Therefore, your job is simply to place your bet or bets on the table — it could either be what you think will be the winning numbers, whether the number will be odd or even, or you could also bet on the colour of the winning number, or a combination of all three.

      EZ Dealer Roulette gameplay

      Once you decide which numbers to bet on, the roulette wheel will be spun — but not by a live dealer. Astray to what the game image suggests, EZ Dealer Roulette is not a live dealer game. Whether or not this is false advertisement is not ours to judge.

      In any case, one of the many pre-recorded video messages will play once the wheel comes to a stop. The winning numbers will then be displayed in the middle of your screen.

      What exactly are the winning numbers based on, one might ask. That's where the Random Number Generator comes into the picture. Like many online casinos, Ezugi took the approach of incorporating the Random Number Generator into EZ Dealer Roulette — a mathematical algorithm that randomises the outcome of each spin.

      Winning numbers based on the Random Number Generator is no pioneering idea that will break open the world of casino games, since that innovation already happened quite a while ago. Nevertheless, EZ Dealer Roulette sells this concept as its own feature.

      What makes EZ Dealer Roulette a modern entry when it comes to the industry of casino games is that it is available in more languages than just English. In fact, Ezugi is the first to market a live casino game that is available in four languages: English, Thai, Japanese and Mandarin. Whether Ezugi will incorporate more languages in the near future is still to be seen, but the first version of the game does not disappoint in the context of the contemporary gaming industry.

      EZ Dealer Roulette payouts

      The payouts in EZ Dealer roulette are the same ones as those of any European roulette game out there. The game does not offer anything different in this regard, as you'll see right below.


      EZ Dealer Roulette Strategy And Tips

      This EZ Dealer Roulette review wouldn't be complete without touching on the subject of what tips and tricks you should keep in mind when playing this game. Although this, as well as any other roulette game out there, is based entirely on luck, you can still give meaning to your wagers by incorporating the following advice.

      Go for a combination bet

      When it comes to roulette betting, combining bets up isn't just entertaining but it also casts a wider net with which you can scoop up some successful bets. Granted, every player has their own playing style, but switching things up can work better than you might think.

      As we all know, there can only be one successful number in roulette — which doesn’t make for very great odds, and this remains the case in EZ Dealer Roulette. But, by combining bets you can hedge high-risk wagers with low-risk ones to act as a kind of safety net.

      Bet combinations can cover multiple table positions at once with a slightly smaller chance of hitting diminishing returns, which can marginally improve your odds of making small profits in the long run. This approach can never guarantee a win and does not account for losing streaks, but in a game where your chances are already pretty slim, combining bets might make for some entertaining spins.

      Employ bankroll management

      If you had to take away one tip out of all the online roulette tips we could give you, it would definitely be this one. Having a good bankroll management strategy is key not when just playing roulette but when giving any casino game a spin.

      A bankroll management strategy will help prevent you from losing money, bet within your limits and keep your gambling in check. No matter what game you play, it is always recommended to have a set amount of funds to use per game instead of shoving your entire bankroll into one round, and a bankroll management strategy helps with just that.

      Consider roulette strategies

      There is much more to playing roulette than simply betting on a number and hoping to win big. Blindly betting on the first number that comes to mind is a one-way ticket to a losing streak, but there is a way to counteract this.

      Many players tend to use a roulette strategy to help them decide when and how to place bets. A roulette strategy also referred to as a betting system, can help players make more informed decisions while maximising their profits AND safeguarding their money — even when a player loses.

      The only drawback is that some betting systems are more complicated than others; some may require having a large bankroll to begin with — it is recommended that you do a little research first.

      Play this game with a casino bonus

      Casino bonuses are also one of the many gems of playing online, as they not only boost entertainment but may potentially boost your bankroll too! Casino bonuses may come in a mishmash of forms, but you will find promotions awarding bonus money, bonus chips, or even real money to add to your actual bankroll. The only catch is that they may be subject to Terms and Conditions.

      Terms and Conditions dictate how, when and if you can claim a bonus at all. They list several criteria pertaining to the bonus, including wagering requirements, expiration dates, jurisdictional limitations, a minimum deposit, and a bonus winnings cap. It is highly recommended that you go through these terms before claiming anything. If you don’t find a bonus you can claim, hop over to our ‘Promotions’ page at HotSlots. We are home to a myriad of amazing deals, so you’re bound to find something that interests you.

      EZ Dealer Roulette Casino Game Gameplay Review

      EZ Dealer Roulette is one of the latest games to be released by Ezugi — a company that specialises in live dealer games. The catch is that there is no live dealer in this game; a baffling difference between the rest of the games released by this company, seeing as a live dealer is featured in almost every version of their games released so far. Could this be Ezugi's direction as a brand in the near future?

      Substituting a live dealer are a sufficient selection of pre-recorded video messages that make the game feel as lively as it can be, considering that it's played online. One of the few advantages that this version of roulette holds over other games is that it functions entirely by the Random Number Generator (RNG). As opposed to having a dealer manually spin the wheel, this game prides itself in having the RNG responsible for every wheel spin. Other than that, there is not much to EZ Dealer Roulette — an overall satisfactory European roulette game released by a studio that has, arguably, released better games on the market so far.

      ⭐ What is EZ Dealer Roulette?

      EZ Dealer Roulette is an RNG-based game that represents the perfect choice for anyone interested in playing the most traditional European roulette possible. The game was released in 2022 by Ezugi.

      ⭐ How does EZ Dealer Roulette work?

      The game works just like any roulette game. Your job is to bet on any numbers you think the ball will land on, for example, 5 and 19. Once you choose which numbers to bet on, the roulette wheel will be spun, but not by a live dealer. One of several pre-recorded video messages will play once the wheel comes to a stop. The successful numbers will then be displayed in the middle of your screen. If you have guessed the outcome of the spin and your wager is successful, you will be paid according to the payout of your bet.

      ⭐ Where can I play EZ Dealer roulette?

      You can play this game, as well as many others at the best casino on the internet: HotSlots! Our Casino is a brand like no other, with a selection of top-notch casino games on the market that are playable on many devices. Also, our Casino features several big names in its game portfolio, including Evolution, Pragmatic Play and BetGames. Should you wish to view what games we have on offer, load up our Casino on your desktop, Android or iOS device!

      ⭐ Can I play EZ Dealer roulette on mobile?

      This largely depends on the casino you're playing at. At HotSlots, you could play this game on any desktop, Android or iOS device out there.

      ⭐ Is it possible to play EZ Dealer Roulette demo?

      At the moment, there is no demo available for this game. Once a demo becomes available to the world, HotSlots will be the first to offer it!

      ⭐ How can I play EZ Dealer Roulette for free?

      You cannot play this game for free at the moment, seeing as its demo is not yet released.

      ⭐ How to play EZ Dealer Roulette for real money?

      If you have enjoyed this review and want to play this game, we recommend loading up HotSlots and playing it there. HotSlots is the best casino out there that can offer you a wide selection of games and casino bonuses.

      ⭐ Do I have to make a deposit to play EZ Dealer Roulette?

      Yes, you must deposit funds into your casino account before playing.

      ⭐ What is the EZ Dealer Roulette slot RTP?

      The RTP stands of this game stands at 97.30%.

      ⭐ How much money can I win in EZ Dealer Roulette?

      This inevitably boils down to luck, as does most casino games out there. All you can do is aim to predict the successful outcome while keeping tabs of your bankroll.

      ⭐ What is the house edge in EZ Dealer Roulette?

      The house edge of this game stands at 2.70%.

      ⭐ Is EZ Dealer Roulette hard to play?

      No, this game is very easy to play on any desktop, Android or iOS device out there. Simply choose your preferred betting system or combination and wait for the RNG machine to display the successful numbers.

      ⭐ Is there a live dealer in EZ Dealer Roulette?

      No, this game uses RNG to spin the wheel, whereas pre-recorded video messages will play depending on the outcome of the spin. With RNG, you are guaranteed that every spin is as random as possible.

      ⭐ Is EZ Dealer Roulette rigged?

      No. With RNG, this game is your perfect choice if you're a stickler for RNG-based games. In the world of modern gaming, no rigged game can hit the market without receiving substantial backlash in return.

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